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This is the Stoked Bloke podcast with surfing’s one and only Barton Lynch, a.k.a. “BL.” I’m an avowed BL fanboy, so it’s been a bummer not to have the philosophical mind of pro surfing on the broadcast this season. However, if the result of that was Barton finding the time to start his own podcast where he chats about upcoming WSL events, I’m all for it.

In this episode, Barton calls up two lady chargers, Vahine Fierro and Moana Jones Wong, one of whom has a wildcard spot in Teahupo’o, and one who doesn’t (although he thinks she should, and I find it hard to disagree). He also picks his winners, analyzes the conditions, and gives us more interesting insights only the mind of Barton Lynch could provide. Best of all, it’s a podcast, so put it on in the background and let BL drop some knowledge on ya.


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