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The Inertia

Ben Gravy isn’t one to shy away from difficult situations when it comes to surfing (see gnarly). Despite his humble approach, he’ll pull himself into closeout barrels up next to breakwalls any ol’ time just for the “novelty.” He’s made a career of it.

But lately, it seems, the chase has caught up to Mr. Gravy a bit. Eighteen months ago, he broke his collarbone in a Tanner Hall-esque episode close to home, screaming in agony at the pain as the important bone was ripped from his shoulder.

Now, two weeks ago, he apparently tore his left bicep off his arm during an unfortunate session. “I simply was trying to get barreled on my backside,” said the regular-footer. “And this is how easily something like this can happen. I stuck my hand in the wave, stalling, and just the way the wave bent, warped, whatever, detached my bicep off the bone.”

Ben goes in-depth on how he discovered the injury and how he came to the decision of surgery (it’s actually not bothering him all that badly after rehabbing). Basically, if he wanted full range of motion, and to avoid longterm damage, he had to go under the knife. Ironically, it sounds as though his dad sustained a similar injury at some point.

Bummer for the novelty king as he tells YouTube viewers he’ll be out of the water at least three months. And that’s probably best case.


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