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The Inertia

Well, I guess if you like to surf waves with names like “El Slammo,” and “El Slammo’s Older Brother,” then eventually, you’re going to get slammed. And Ben Gravy has probably been slammed on the bottom plenty of times in the past decade. But it only takes a weird one to send you to the emergency room. That’s what happened this week when Ben pulled into a meaty little shorebreak barrel, above, and hit the bottom as the Atlantic Ocean unloaded on him.

“No, no,” he can be heard yelling after. “I broke my collarbone.” (Notice broken collarbone counter in vid.)

It looks like Mr. Gravy will be out of the water at least eight weeks but has yet to get a diagnosis.  “I don’t know when I’m going to update you guys,” he says. “Probably gonna take some time to see how I’m feeling.”


Due to said injury, expect more home-improvement vlogs to come. Good luck with the injury Mr. Gravy, regardless.


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