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The Inertia

Ben Gravy is on an eternal search for different waves. Big waves, small waves, river waves or ocean waves, if it’s a rolling lump of water, Gravy wants to surf it. So recently, he, along with Blair Conklin, headed to surfing’s final frontier: Alaska.

So far, their trip hasn’t been full of waves. They caught a few here and there, but nothing substantial — unless you factor in that some of the waves they did catch were created by a calving glacier. But in the footage above, things picked up a notch.

“After a pretty bumpy journey we found ourselves in a fjord and starting hearing the seas climbing quickly,” Gravy wrote. “Nine-foot seas, 11-foot seas, and eventually we heard the claim ’15-foot seas’ over the weather radio.”

Knowing that the hunt was well and truly on, they motored around looking for a good wave.

“I was absolutely stoking, but really didn’t know what to expect,” Gravy continued. “After some searching we pulled up to some pretty awesome head-high, right-hand peelers. We got into some trouble, but everyone ended up alright and we ended up scoring the best ocean waves of the trip so far!”


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