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Ben Gravy recently did something different: he flew to South Korea to go surfing. More specifically, he flew to South Korea to surf the wave at the Wave Park, an enormous facility that uses Wavegarden technology.

“This is truly one of the greatest honors I have ever received,” he wrote, “being invited to go surfing in South Korea for my first time ever at the Wave Park.” The wave, at least judging from the Instagram clip below, is proof that we’re all just living in a simulation.



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Travel these days is a little different than usual, however. Sure, there are still some similarities — nerves, excitement, etc. — but between nasal swabs, masks, quarantining, and distancing, travel is… weird.

“Like all new things in life and especially these days, I was super nervous to fly half way around the world and spend a week with people that I don’t know,” Gravy wrote. “But this is what THE DREAM is all about!”



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