Director / Editor / Cinematographer

The Inertia

For most people, Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration and her surfing ability defies all “expectations.” But for me, those expectations felt narrow and limiting. I see Bethany as superhuman. She’s a real-life superhero and, as we all know, every superhero movie has a rad bonus scene. I wanted to create that awesome superhero bonus scene for Bethany and for her film, Unstoppable. This scene is a reflection of who Bethany Hamilton really is and what she has evolved into as a woman, an athlete, a mother, and a wife. Through her relentless dedication to surfing and being the best person she can be, she has redefined, for herself, what it means to be a woman.

She and her husband, Adam Dirk, wrote a kid’s book called Unstoppable Me, and this bonus scene was a fun and creative way to show some of the unknown layers of her life. She’s charging big waves, loving her husband Adam, and working with him as a team to raise, care for, and encourage their son Tobias. It definitely isn’t always easy, but nothing in life worth doing is.