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The Inertia

Tim Bonython is a big fan of big waves. A big fan of waves that make most people turn and run for the hills, screaming as they go. He’s been all over the planet, from Teahupo’o to The Right, pointing his camera at those waves, and he’s not getting tired of it. As such, one of his favorite places on God’s green Earth is maxing Nazaré. When the XXL winter swells point towards the Portuguese coast, Bonython makes plans.

The video you see above comes from the second of two very large days. “This second day was guaranteed to deliver some very big waves and it didn’t disappoint,” Bonython wrote. “With the swell peaking over night we knew it would be game on as soon as we got out there.”

Most of the usual suspects were out there, and as is generally the case, the biggest waves of the day reared their heads when most of the surfers had decided to pack it in. But two of them, Nic von Rupp and Justine Dupont, were still putting in the time, and that patience paid off in spades.

See more from Tim Bonython on YouTube.


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