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If you live near, and surf in, the Pacific Ocean, chances are the past week’s been pretty good to you. While the focus has largely been on North Pacific swell magnets like the North Shore and Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Black’s Beach in San Diego wasn’t looking too shabby either.

In fact, if you’re an average surfer like myself, chances are the most recent swell at Blacks was a whole lot more surfable than the 15-18 foot monsters that were on tap at Ocean Beach, or the competition that comes with surfing a good swell on the North Shore. That’s not to say surfing a good swell at Black’s is easy. It’s still one of the more powerful waves in SoCal, with plenty of its own crowd problems to deal with when the wave turns on. Turn on it did, and the YouTube page SoCal Surfer recently published an edit that captured all the action.


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