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Regardless of what you think you know about big-wave surfing,
Ocean Beach is one of the heaviest breaks in the continental United States. And it often flies under the radar. We’re not sure if that’s because it’s a beachbreak or if it’s in San Francisco, which isn’t often considered a surf locale, but it doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves. That’s why The Inertia is lucky to have young contributors like Solomon Fragakis, who recently submitted this gorgeous drone footage from giant, and unusually clean, Ocean Beach.

Solomon is a talented teenage image maker from Marin, just north of the city. He knew the waves were going to be amazing, so he flew his drone with the expertise of a seasoned vet this week during a run of picture-perfect swell. And the result is this one-minute edit that’s absolutely stunning. Stunning because it gives one a feel of just how big the playing field is at Ocean Beach, and how lucky its locals were to receive such a clean (and big) blessing from the surfing gods.


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