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Carissa Moore, your 2013 ASP Women's World Champion. Photo: ASP/Poullenot

Carissa Moore, your 2013 ASP Women’s World Champion. Photo: ASP/Poullenot

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While groms on the men’s World Tour have been attempting to dethrone the old guard for years, the women’s Tour has been a youngsters game for a while now. This year was no different as 21-year-old Carissa Moore and 19-year-old Tyler Wright dominated the Tour this year. Together they took home six of the eight stops this year; Wright winning two events and Moore taking home four trophies. With a victory at the Cascais Girls Pro, Hawaiian Carissa Moore claimed her second ASP World Title. Carissa’s first World Championship came in 2011, only her second year on Tour.

Though this year Tyler Wright made a commanding statement by winning the first event, Carissa bested her in the next two finals at Margaret River and Bells. When Wright won in Brazil, the race tightened.

Then Carissa won at the Vans US Open of Surfing and along with that a lead. Wright placed second in France as Moore was behind in third, and it was anyone’s game. Heading into the final event at Portugal, Moore only had a 200-point lead over Wright.

Wright fell out of the race in the Quarter Finals, and from there Moore took it home, winning the event and the Title all in a day.

I have to say, as a fan I am super excited to see the women’s Tour expand, and I would be one happy fellow to see them compete in Hawaii. The addition of a women’s event at Lowers next year is a great start. God knows that the gap in skill level between men and women is shrinking like a speedo clad Frenchman in the cold fall water. Holy hell, I can’t wait for next year.

And in case you’re wondering whether Carissa is an articulate, radiant human being or not, watch this (HEADSPACE) interview she did with The Inertia a few weeks ago. It’s splendid. Or watch below.


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