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If you haven’t heard, the world is currently experiencing a pandemic. As of July 15, 2020, said pandemic has infected more than 3,400,000 Americans and killed more than 136,000.

America has done an excellent job of politicizing this health issue. The U.S. has also done an excellent job allowing Coronavirus to spread among and kill its citizens. By sheer number of cases, America has done better than any other country on earth. We’re pretty close to the top of the heap per capita, too.

There are plenty of serious things to write and say about this tragedy.

Orange County’s Chad Kroeger and JT Parr, the comedic minds behind the YouTube channel Chad Goes Deep, who have appeared on Ellen for their spot-on, bro-cial commentary, approached the topic using a different tool. With a sense of humor.

And they almost got their asses kicked.

Watch Chad and JT attempt to “solve the mask shortage” in Huntington Beach, above.

Below, find the rationale behind a flurry of resistance to their offer of free masks:

“They’re killing us.”

“Because I live here.”

“It’s all fake, dude. Come on.”

“I like freedom dog. I like fresh air.”

“It’s not a mask. It’s a muzzle.”

“It’s a bullshit lie.”

“The mask tells me, I’m supposed to be doing something. When I’m out here, nobody’s going to tell me to wear a mask.”

“If you want some of me, come on and get this.”

All in all, the comedy duo drew some solid conclusions after a day in Huntington Beach, a locale always good for entertaining man-on-the-street interviews.

“Don’t hand out masks when you’re wearing sandals, dude,” said Chad. “If you’re going to hand out masks, wear shoes you can fight in. Or run. Better to run.”


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