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The Inertia

For the past couple of years, Orange County’s Chad Kroeger and JT Parr have been taking their Spicoli-inspired community activist act across the country. What started out as hilarious viral city council speeches in Orange County, exercising their first amendment right on issues like house party reform and lobbying for a statue of the late Paul Walker turned into a nationwide tour of activism, landing the pair a short hosting stint on a WSL Facebook show, appearances on national news networks, and a pretty solid online following.

But now they’ve really hit it big.

According to Chad, he’s had a photo of Ellen Degeneres on his “vision board” the whole time, alongside his inspiration to get scooters into the Olympics…and a reminder to renew his passport. So what do you do when you finally land on one of the biggest daytime shows in all of television? Dive into a philosophical discussion on the meaning of stoke. Duh.

“Well, our main mission is just to raise stoke within the nashe,” Kroeger says.

“Explain what stoke is, for people who don’t know,” Ellen asks.

“For me, stoke is like being in a car with your boys and your girlfriend, going to get fish tacos,” Parr tells her.

“It’s basically like this feeling you have in your heart where you know that life is really legit. Like a ripe avocado. Or like, a compliment on your tan.”

…and it only gets better from there.


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