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The Inertia

There aren’t a lot of people that go skiing on Maui. There’s something about the lack of snow that hampers it from becoming Maui’s biggest tourist attraction. Chuck Patterson, however, ain’t got time for that. Yes, Chuck Patterson, he of zebra-striped spandex fame, did it again: he went waterskiing at Jaws.

Patterson’s an interesting guy. He’s basically a Jack-of-all-trades, only he’s much better than most Jacks at most trades. Of course, there aren’t too many Jacks waterskiing Jaws, so there’s not much to compare it to, but still. I imagine if someone else tried, they wouldn’t be as good. We’ll probably have to wait a while for that to happen. Chuck’s got the market cornered! He’s an accomplished skier, surfer, kite surfer, stand up paddler, tow-surfer, snowboarder, and speed flyer. And of all the people (1?) who have towed into Jaws on skis, Chuck Patterson is surely the best.

The video above came from Pure Digital Maui. Posted on their Youtube channel, it came with the following confusing words:

“Chuck Patterson trying to stand out amongst the best requires a gimmick…the poor man’s Laird Hamilton looking for attention…Chuck is just a sideshow. Makahiki is over, go back to Haolewood you kook! That’s what happens when you try to kick my friend out of Little Makaha with your other meathead Filipino friend.” said #EkoluKalama.”


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