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The Inertia

Clay Marzo is, quite possibly, the most interesting man in surfing. He’s interesting not just because he’s weirdly, stupidly, freakishly, impossibly good at surfing, but because we rarely get a glimpse into his world.

Approximately one million internet years ago (2015 A.D.), I made a claim that could be considered bold: “The best surfer in the world isn’t Kelly Slater, or whoever is in first place on the tour right now, or “the one having the most fun,” I said at the time. “It’s Clay Fucking Marzo.”

And all these years later, you know what? I stand by it. Sure, maybe he’s not the best in competitive surfing. He’s not great at heat strategy or tactics. But who, aside from the tiny fraction of surfers in the world who surf competitively, is? It’s part of competitive surfing, which is so different from average, everyday surfing it’s almost an entirely different beast. When it comes to surfing outside of contests, Clay Marzo does things that no one else can even conceive of doing. The immensely slow drip of the content tap that releases his clips only makes us thirstier for them.

So here, in all its glory, is a far-too-short edit of Clay Marzo surfing at the Mexpipe Warriors 2019 event — an event that he did not win. What he did instead was surf like only Clay Marzo can surf.


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