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Billy Kemper is undoubtedly the greatest competitive surfer Jaws has ever seen, with four wins at the venue during big wave contests. But the place is special to the Hawaiian on a different level. The ashes of his mother and brother are spread there. He knows the lineup like, well, he knows it better than anyone in the world having spent hours there with friends, towing into giants. And that knowledge has grown tenfold as he’s learned to navigate it with his own two hands.

Enter the video of the wave above, that has now been spread far and wide on social channels. But it’s still worth celebrating, right? It’s a ride Billy is calling, “the wave of his life.” You can see why. It’s an absolutely gargantuan barrel and he navigates it with unearthly skill.

We spoke to Billy about his affinity for Jaws last month in Hawaii on The Inertia Podcast. He talks at length about his reverence for this spot on the Earth (listen here or take in the full pod on our YouTube channel, above). He gives us his favorite surfers out at Peahi, and who influenced him– a fantastic interview we were lucky to nab just after his Pipe Trials win. Enjoy the greatness, the competitive fire, and the encyclopedia-like knowledge of one Billy Kemper.

Editor’s Note: Video provided by Arenui Frapwell


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