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The Inertia

By now, have you have seen approximately one million videos featuring Kelly Slater’s mechanical bull. Everyone except you has ridden it, it seems, from Gerry Lopez to Travis Rice to Adam Scott to a retiring Naval Commander. Just not YOU. And of course, since even the sweetest of fruits taste rotten after too many bites, the clips of Kelly Slater’s wave have lost a bit of their luster. Now all that’s left is the boring old surfing… and if you are a person with eyes, you like to watch Conner Coffin’s surfing. It is all power, flow, speed, and style, and it is everything great about surfing. Conner Coffin surfs the way someone is supposed to surf. He surfs the way you mind-surf. Conner Coffin is this generation’s Tom Curren. Pair that with Aaron Lieber’s talent behind the lens, and you’ve got a four-minute clip of of something old that feels new.

Conner Coffin at The Surf Ranch from LIEBER FILMS on Vimeo.


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