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Editor’s Note: This feature is presented by Jolyn. Learn more about Jolyn’s Swimwear’s collaboration with Surfrider Foundation here.

Courtney Conlogue suffered three concussions in seven months in 2019. A string of head injuries will hobble any athletic career, but navigating those speedbumps taught her a few things about resilience.

“When I was overcoming these concussions, I learned a lot about the mind and how to reboot things, how to relearn different, simple motions, and mental habits. It was definitely a grind. I was patient with myself. I didn’t over-judge. I was there for myself and my family was too.”

Today, she wants to inspire the next generation of surfers. “For me, [my goal] is to become a world champion and to pave a stronger, more powerful path for the next generation,” says Courtney.

Conlogue has never been shy about her ambitions. In 2018, she won the U.S. Open of Surfing at her home break in Huntington Beach – and that was after recovering from a broken foot that sidelined her earlier in the year. Conlogue is nothing, if not resilient.

“I’ve always known what I wanted. I always knew what I wanted to become. I’ve always wanted to be a pro surfer since I was in fourth grade. What drives me to become a world champ is…I always love a challenge,” says Conlogue. “It’s such a mental and physical task. I’ve always been developing myself and adapting every year, handling injuries, and overcoming obstacles.”

Conlogue finds inspiration in her darkest moments.

“It’s so funny. The small, little minute steps that bring joy are the things that you need to draw on when life gets challenging,” says Conlogue. “Sometimes it’s just showing up. You’d be surprised. Sometimes on your worst days, you end up having the best moments. Sometimes it is a challenge. Sometimes you might have to pick a different path and not stay up late with your friends. You’ve got to get up at 4 o’clock and be an early bird even though you’re a night owl.”

“Some people might call it a sacrifice, but it’s a decision that I’ve made to better myself. I’m always just evolving. Let’s see where I can go. Why have a ceiling? Just keep busting through it.”


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