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The Inertia

Surfboards that work for the average surfer in average waves are having a moment. For a long time, little shreds of foam with a thin layer of glass were everywhere. Average surfers who surfed average waves watched professional surfers surfing in perfect waves and made the mistake of thinking that it was the board that made the surfer instead of the other way around.

Then, as time went on, surfers like Devon Howard showed us that you can be just as stylish and have just as much fun on boards of all sizes. Now, fishes and mid-lengths and boards of all sizes are in lineups all over the world. Take, for example, the Channel Island Mid, a board that, if it’s anything, is not a performance thruster. The CI Mid you see Dane Gudauskas surfing in the video above is a 6’11” version that Howard has been experimenting with. “So far,” wrote the CI team, “it seems a stock Mid with the new Britt Merrick Twin template is the go… this version here that Dane Gudauskas is riding has a twin with our AMK (keel fin) set.”

But you do you, as the saying goes. The Mid allows for that — stock, it comes in a 2+1, which is a balanced blend of single fin freedom and added thruster drive. Twin fin? Go ahead. Thruster? No problem. Single? Yeah, that’s an option, too. Like we said, you do you.


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