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The Inertia

Dave Grohl has the surf shack of all surf shacks. Oxnard, for those who know it, has very, very good waves… when it turns on, at least. And the Foo Fighters frontman/Nirvana drummer is selling his house that sits right on the sand in front of some of them.

It’s not cheap, though–at a cool 2.995 mill, you’re not setting up shop here on a whim. The house is 3,100 square feet, has vaulted ceilings, and a living room that has a view with no obstructions onto the Pacific, so you can wake up and have a look to see where you’re surfing. Cams be damned!

The house has four bedrooms, so your freeloading surf buddies can crash and drink all your beer, and the garage has room for all of their cars plus a kick ass surfboard rack. So what are you waiting for? Three million dollars? Yeah, us too.

If you have three million dollars, and would like to live in Dave Grohl’s house, click here.


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