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Baby gender reveals are a thing. There’s no getting around it. They often involve blue or pink-colored paper flying out of cakes coated with frosting, or fireworks with similarly colored smoke (that can start massive wildfires). They’re a way to surprise family and friends with news of what any given couple is actually having – be it a boy or girl. They’re not really my thing and while this isn’t Earth-shattering reporting, it’s sorta fun: Kai Lenny definitely pulled off the best baby gender reveal I’ve ever seen.

Last week, you may recall, I wrote that Kai – who’s at the top of his big-wave riding game at the moment – told the universe that he and longtime girlfriend Molly Payne were expecting twins together. “Fortunately I have a great support system with my parents living down the street,” he told me about the big change. “Most importantly, Molly is the best and will be such a great mother.”

Yesterday, as mentioned, Kai pulled off one helluva reveal. With Jaws waking up this week, Kai, while riding a bigger-than-average wave, pulled the pin on a smoke-filled canister (above) and with it, a glimpse into his future: “I’M GONNA BE A GIRL DAD!!,” he wrote. As a girl-dad myself, I can guarantee him one thing: it’ll be a ride like no other.




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