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You heard me right, the Lenny brothers just made some ridiculous magic happen, scoring a two-person barrel at their “home break” of Jaws. GoPro in hand, Ridge followed Kai into the barrel and the two emerged unscathed, completing a stunt they’ve been thinking of since the end of last season. Kai called it a “great day of experimentation.”

At first, the two were hoping for some follow-cam footage of Kai throwing one of his big-wave 360s. Then the wave you see above came through, which Ridge called “one of those super west-angled waves that wrap the reef and are the ones you want to get barreled on.” So that’s exactly what the two brothers did.

“The whole time I was in the barrel I was basically waiting to fall,” Ridge told me the morning after. “With all of the spray from Kai’s board I couldn’t see anything, and it was a pretty tight barrel to begin with (at least for Jaws). Then the barrel started growing and getting rounder, and I just kept following Kai and hoping it would let me out. When it finally did I was totally tripping – not even claiming, but just beyond stoked that it worked.”

Above is Ridge’s GoPro perspective of the stunt, below, Maui videographer Marcus Rodrigues shares his view from the cliff.



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Ridge says that while this might be the first double-barrel he and Kai have scored, it won’t be the last – now that they’ve done it once, they know they can do it again, and want to give it a go at “proper” Jaws. “There would be so much more room in a bigger Jaws wave, and if we were to line that up with some sunset lighting it would just be the most insane shot,” says Ridge.


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