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Duke Aipa Talks About Growing Up in a Legendary Family and Finding His Own Way as a Shaper

Duke Aipa has created a legend of his own in the shaping bay. Photos: Surftech

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This feature is presented by Surftech.

Duke Aipa took the roundabout way to follow his legacy. Which makes his story so much cooler. After growing up in his iconic Hawaiian family, Duke followed his passions for hockey, and heavy metal music, and other pursuits, interests that took him all over the United States. But the surfing world is glad he came home. Duke is now carrying on that family legacy as the head of Aipa Surfboards. I talked with Duke about the weight of being Ben’s son, the famous Sting design, his own journey, and Aipa Surfboards’ reputation as a pioneering brand of performance surfing. The man is certainly creating his own legend.


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