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Ed Fanning's cause of death revealed

Ed Fanning’s cause of death was revealed by the Kirra Surfriders Club. Photo: Kirra Surfriders Club

The Inertia

Ed Fanning’s cause of death has been revealed by the Kirra Surfriders, an Australian surf club that Fanning was reportedly a part of. It’s reported that his death stemmed from an infection after Edward cut his foot.

On March 27th, the Kirra Surfriders Club posted an update to their Facebook page that explained how Edward passed. According to the post, he had been living and working in Madagascar since Covid hit, and fell in love with the place, even getting a citizenship there. His death was caused by something that, at first seemed relatively innocuous.

“Ed received a cut to his foot which unfortunately got severely infected to the point he had to be rush by boat to the nearest major city an hour away, to be in hospital,” the Club wrote. “The hospital did everything they could to help Ed but the infection was to strong and Ed’s heart gave away.”

Fanning was the brother of surf legend Mick Fanning, and is the third brother in the Fanning family to pass away. In 2015, Peter Fanning died in his sleep from a health condition, and Sean Fanning was killed in a Coolangatta car wreck in 1998.

Mick took to social media in the days following Edward’s death to post a poignant message. “Ed,” Mick wrote. “Love you my brother. You taught me so much over the years about everything that life could deal up. The good and the bad, you were my teacher. You introduced us all to surfing, the joy and freedom of riding a wave. The meaning of going to the ends of the earth to find waves to following a passion in the belief that surfing could be that ultimate job. As the years went on you would fall in and out of the ocean but your pure talent would always shine through. To where you ended up teaching kids the joy of riding a wave. Without you, I’m not sure what the world would have made of me, so thank you… You weren’t perfect but no one wanted you to be. We just loved Ed. The Larikin who would throw a Shaka in every photo and would scream yeeeeew at the top of his lungs. As you dance down that final road into that eternal sunset please know we all love you mate.”


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