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Every now and then, a swell hits Hawaii that’s big enough to run the Eddie. It needs to be huge — so huge, in fact that the Eddie has only run 10 times since its inception in 1984. And, as you’ve likely heard by now, one of those swells recently banged into the Hawaiian Islands. It turned Waimea Bay into something magical. It turned Jaws into something otherworldly. And it turned a certain outer reef off Oahu’s fabled North Shore into something so big it could be CGI.

Felicity “Flick” Palmateer, fresh off a trip to Todos Santos, decided to head out with fellow big wave lover Laura Enever.


“I’ve been coming to Hawaii for the last 15 years,” Flick wrote on Instagram, “but never in my life had I seen surf like this last Eddie swell. Laura Enever and I decided to try our luck on one of the outer reefs that morning and I’d never experienced the power of a swell like this. It was giant.”

This single wave was captured via drone by Ready 2 Fly Images Aereas.

“It shows you just how equally beautiful and terrifying this day was,” Palmateer continued. “For reference, everyone is riding a board around 10 feet or longer.”


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