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Kassia Meador stars in Epoche.

Kassia Meador stars in Epoche.

The Inertia

Inspired by the samurai genre, Epoche is a conceptual film by Director Bruce Muller that weaves surf, samurai, and the metaphysical into an enchanting, visually beautiful tale. This project has spanned more than six years and involved a host of talented audio and visual artists – most notably, renowned cinematographer Sonny Miller, who passed away – during the making of this project. Sonny’s loss was heartbreaking, and his imprint on our lives, surfing, and this project will be felt forever. The epic scope of Sonny’s compositional prowess is exemplified in Epoche, which sadly, is some of his last.

The exceptionally talented cinematographer, Scott Soens, joined in Sonny’s absence to finish shooting the film. At this point, to honor the tireless hours of dedication and the memory of Sonny Miller, we’re dedicated to completing this project with the time, quality, and attention to detail that it deserves.

We would greatly appreciate any contribution to support the final processes that remain, which include: color grading, 5.1 sound mastering, proper DCP compression, and other unavoidable technical expenses.

We will be sharing our film in fine art festivals, galleries, museums, and film festivals as well as other multi-media events around the world.

Epoché (ἐποχή epokhē, “suspension”) is an ancient Greek term which, in its philosophical usage, describes the state where all judgments about non-evident matters are suspended.

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