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Kassia Meador discovered a talent for nose-riding at the age of 14, in the perfectly tapered waves of Malibu, California. Soon after, she entered her first surf contest, the ROXY Wahine Classic. Kassia won the event, and she continued to climb the rankings in women's longboarding. Kassi's surfing success has given her the opportunity to explore her other talents. Kassi has developed a passion for photography, with several exhibitions showcasing her work. She is also working on her signature line of wetsuits, a colorful and unique line, who's personality reflects that of her own style, color, and creativity. For the past several years, Kassi has continued to compete and travel the world perfecting her style, while being admired as one of the best female longboarders in the world. Her solid talent and character have been hugely influential to the sport.
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