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The Inertia

Editor’s note: Kassia Meador has to be one of the coolest humans on the planet. She’s full of positive energy. That’s why it wasn’t at all out of character when she told us that she was headed to Standing Rock over Thanksgiving to help set up a soup kitchen, and was looking to raise money on GoFundMe. While there, we asked for a quick update and she sent us the clips above with the following message.

What’s up brother, yes we would love to do something on standing rock. We’re still here stuck in a storm just headed to town today and finally getting reception. We can try. This is first my phone has worked since I have been here because they’re blocking service at the camp. Headed back in there now…

Let me know you got those 3 short videos. Cut ’em up. There is a beautiful message, so turn up the sound on the last one.


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