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With Andy Irons breaking a bottle over Ben Stiller’s dome, it’s really more of a Flashback Friday. The deleted scene is from Taj Burrow’s Fair Bits, that collaborative effort by seven filmmakers — Brendan and Emmett Malloy, Clark Eddy, Brendan Hearne, Taylor Steele, Scott Sowens, and Keith Malloy — that had Rob Machado and Kelly Slater attempting to ride a door, shovel, snowboard, skis, guitar case, and a mother-f*cking coffee table. This clip really reminded us how Stiller can be funny.

What does this particular clip also remind us? In a barrel or on land, the champ had style for days.


Have a little time today? Or perhaps staying in tonight in preparation for the weekend swells? Watch the full film below, made available by Burrow himself. Anyway, enjoy whatever plans you have, and hang ten, you a**holes.


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