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The Inertia

Since surfing’s modern explosion in the ’60s and ’70s, the surfer’s ideal has been the same. Perfect waves. No crowds. The pursuit of that dream, though, has evolved dramatically in the ensuing decades. From braving frigid climes to exploring some of the most remote corners of the globe to finding surf where you’d least expect it.

A few weeks ago, we posted a story about a ferry wave in Portugal that locals call ‘Gasoline’ – probably because as the ferry passes that’s exactly what it smells like. The wave was the height of novelty, and actually looked quite fun. Not to be outdone, a recent video shows a smaller, longer ferry wave that breaks along a muddy estuary in the River Mersey adjacent to the Beatles’ hometown of Liverpool in the UK.

“This morning’s elusive and legendary Liverpool Bay ferry wave, captured from the air. Surf’s Up Guys!!!!!!” SUP North wrote in a Facebook post.


Of course, without anyone surfing it, it’s hard to get an idea of scale. Still, the fact this wave is completely man made (and on accident, to boot!) is pretty insane.

You may be wondering – is it rideable? There is video evidence (see below), but again because of the GoPro angle, it’s difficult to truly get a sense of scale.



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