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Is he Order of the Garter?

What’s the Ganter?


Is that a beer or a shoe?


The Most Noble Order of the Garter, founded in 1348, is the highest order of chivalry existing in England and is dedicated to the image and arms of St. George as England’s patron saint.

Hmmm I guess it’s not a beer or a shoe then is it…..

What’s he like, then?

He’s sort of like a Beatle. When we first met, I showed him the heart to heart hug and he liked that. He made us all feel very at ease and he was super stoked to me about surfing.

How did you get hooked up with a fricking knight?


I licensed a song from a side band Paul does with Martin Glover from Killing Joke – called “The Fireman.” I cut a sequence of my underwater jet ski to one of the songs and my amazing music producer was able to secure the rights to use it in the film. I was pretty chuffed with just being able to cut a sequence to one of his songs, never dreaming we’d be able to afford and clear it. 

I met a guy named Chris Thomas who is a music producer who produced – among many other great albums – “Dark Side of the Moon.” I met him when I used to spend time with the lads from INXS. Chris came out to Australia for a month holiday a year or so ago and we spent some time together. I took him to my editing room and showed him the sequence and he asked me who the music was by and I told him “The Fireman.” And he said, “Who are the Fireman?” I told him it was Paul and he said, “Has Paul seen this?” And I said I didn’t think so. I made him a copy and he took it back to London and sent it to him.

About six months later, Chris called me and told me he had a note from Paul and he loved what I did with The Fireman sequence and wanted to know if I’d like to have a play with an unreleased song from 30 years ago called “Blue Sway.” I nearly fell over.

To make a long story short: Chris, the Mrs. and I were invited to his London office and spent over an hour with him showing the music video I made and talking about how we could do something for the ocean when he releases his remixed album and I release my film “A Deeper Shade of Blue.”

We decided we’d like to promote Surfrider and we’ve been doing that ever since the film was released. We have kept in contact over the past year and a half and when he calls he says, “Hey Jack…. Aloooooha!” Pretty neat to know that a Beatle gets it.

I like Wings. I don’t care what anyone says.

Me too. Band on the Run and Wings’ “Wild Life” are favs and since I’ve met him, I’ve added a few solo CDs to my collection. Flamin’ Pie is pretty cool with a couple of tracks where Steve Miller does some very cool guitar licks.

Every time I hear “Listen What the Man Says,” I think of driving from Santa Cruz to Jalama in the 1970s.

I’m so happy for you. But it sounds like a personal problem.


So there is a big show coming up March 28. I saw that. Where is that?

In 400 theaters nationally. You go to and first watch the trailer and then follow the links to buy tickets and then it will ask you for the postcode. Presto, up comes a theater hopefully near you. Remember it’s a one night only opportunity to see it in a theatre.

Oh it’s in cinemas nationwide. I see. This is a bigger deal than I thought. One of those 21st Century mass communication deals.

Well with the big studios running nothing but blockbuster, a surfing documentary getting a national release like this is something special. I’m just hoping some people in Mississippi turn up although I did hear that Sarah Palin and her husband Todd had bought tickets for the Alaska screening.

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