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The Inertia

Mason Ho doesn’t often wear a wetsuit. Sure, he does sometimes, like that time he and Mick Fanning went to Alaska, but living in Hawaii means Mason is usually a trunks/spring suit (those shouldn’t count as wetsuits) kinda guy. Mason, though, went to California, where, depending on the time of year, a wetsuit is a must-have.

After, he went back to Hawaii, where he looked for those elusive summertime waves — which, Mason being Mason, aren’t all that hard to find. Show the man a wedge that most surfers would walk away from, and Mason’s in heaven. “We saw a little wedge wave on the side of the highway down a tall steep cliff that looked almost surfable,” Ho & Pringle Productions wrote. “So Mason tried it and came close to riding a wave, but it may have been too nuts!”


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