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The Inertia

Do you remember when, back in December of 2016, a 16-year-old kid won the Pipeline Invitational? Finn McGill took down Pipeline veteran Gavin Beschen to do it — no small feat, especially for a teenager. Finn went on to give what has been described as the happiest post-heat interview ever (described by us, anyway) and promptly entered our hearts and took up residence there. Now, all these years later, Finn McGill is still ripping and smiling the whole time.

McGill is also an integral part of the Slater Designs team. He works alongside Daniel Thomson, Wade Tokoro, Dan Mann, and the rest of the Slater Designs surfboard team to refine and finalize the models you see at surf shops everywhere. And since you can’t make a surfboard without testing, McGill took the No Brainer, Gamma, Houdini, and more to Hawaii, California, and Indonesia. Pretty decent job perk, if you ask us.


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