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When it comes to surf towns, Malibu is one of the most famous on Earth. It’s a curious mix of Los Angeles’ glitter and glam with a large dab of salt-encrusted eyebrows and sandy feet. First Point Malibu is one of the most famous waves on Earth, made famous by a multitude of things, but first by Gidget. The film could be considered the one that truly kicked off the public’s obsession with the surfing lifestyle as much as surfing itself.

The World Surf League enlisted Hunter Jones and Lex Weinstein to host a series called (De)tour, in which they take trips through California’s best surf towns, sampling the waves, unique cultures, and of course, burritos. In the episode you see above, they meet up with Kassia Meador, Malibu fixture and one of the smiliest people you’ll ever meet, for a surf at First Point. They also hand out the Saltiest Local Award to a fixture in the Malibu lineup, and end the day paddling out with star athlete Grace Gerenser and the surf therapy team from A Walk On Water.

You can find Kassia Meador’s Definitive Guide To Longboarding here.


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