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Editor’s Note: This piece is brought to you by our partners at Foamy Surf.

It’s no secret that foam boards are a controversial topic. Detractors of the foam board movement deride them as massively produced, low quality and low-performance surf craft, while proponents generally go about having fun and tuning out the haters. That being said, the “haters” have a point. Foam boards in general are mass produced, there are tons of low-quality options catering to those with only one criteria in mind (cost), and unless you’re Jamie O’Brien, your Wavestorm probably isn’t the board you’ll reach for when the waves are clean and overhead.

Foamy wants to change that. Established in 2016, they’re a small, family-oriented company that’s focused on making foam boards better to ultimately help #upyourwavecount. Their boards are designed in Encinitas and San Clemente, with a focus on creating a higher-performance foam board for all ages that can tackle the best and worst of conditions.

foamy surf boards

Whether it’s knee-high or overhead and firing, your Foamy is ready. Photo: Foamy Surf/Nick Gruen

They’re also designed to last, a board that can be surfed for years, passed on, and continue to bring the stoke to others, rather than quickly making its way into a landfill in a matter of closeouts. With a super-durable EPS core, three-ply wood stringers, and a UV-resistant EBS Cross-Linked deck skin that provides superior traction and protects against nicks, this isn’t your average foam board.

And you wouldn’t be the only one who’s chosen a Foamy for its perfect blend of softboard fun-formance. The 9’0″ Duke has been spotted being ridden by pros and kids alike everywhere from the warm-water break of Queens on Oahu to the infamous Wedge in Newport.

There are currently three different models, all intentionally designed for performance in any conditions, with plenty of fun color ways available. And with Foamy’s core values of small-batch, single-run production, each color way is limited stock, and changed frequently to keep things fresh.

the duke foamy knee paddle overhead

The Duke: Nine feet of foam goodness. Photo: Foamy Surf

The 9’0″ Duke is the king of the Foamy lineup, featuring 98 liters of oversized foam goodness that can catch anything from a ripple to an outside set wave. They knee-paddle, noseride, and rip with the best of them, an incredibly approachable option for any and all skill levels. The Duke comes standard with classic screw-through thruster fins, but for max style points order it with the single fin box, throw your favorite fin in there, and you have a bullet-proof log.

foamy barrel

The 7’0″ McCoy is ready to charge in any conditions. Photo: Foamy Surf/Nick Gruen

The 7’0″ McCoy is ready to charge in any and all conditions. Packing a full 70 liters into it’s seven-foot frame, you’ll be surprised at the range of conditions this board can handle with ease. A massive plus with this option is its ability to be upgraded with FCS fin boxes, so you can use your favorite set to upgrade the performance of your soft-top.

8' foamy gunner overhead paddle shot

The Gunner will up your wavecount without sacrificing maneuverability. Photo: Foamy Surf

The 8’0″ Gunner brings the best of both the Duke and the McCoy to the table, striking the perfect balance between stability and turn-ability, to satisfy the beginner or those just looking for an assured day of fun on the water. Like the 7’0″ McCoy, the Gunner can be ordered with either classic screw-through fins, or a set of FCS boxes to let you customize your ride.

And that’s not all. The 5’6″ Wiley has been wildly popular so it’s temporarily out of stock, but it is the perfect transition board for all those kids wanting to move from a beginner board to a short board. Keep an eye on the Foamy Surf Instagram to be the first to know when it’s back in stock.

foamy walking in the trees

Get a Foamy and Up Your Wavecount. Photo: Foamy Surf

Be sure to check out the full range of Foamy’s softboard offerings on Foamysurf.com, and give them a follow on Instagram to stay tuned for new boards and exclusive color-way releases.


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