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The Inertia

The following photographs feature several images from my latest book: Found at Sea. It is a 184-page, hardcover coffee table book that is printed on 157gsm fine art matte paper. It is a visual journey through some of my most iconic images to date, and while there are a handful of action shots in the book, it is essentially a premium collection of still life images of empty waves shot at nameless reefs around lonely coastlines. It is light on words, but pretty dynamic on colors, textures and movement.

Found at Sea. Get your copy <a href="http://raycollinsphoto.com/products/found-at-sea#.VJAFNL74uFI">here</a>

Found at Sea, by Ray Collins. Order your copy here.

“Ray captures unbelievable imagery… This book is testament to a life well spent in and among the waves that give surfers’ lives meaning.” – Kelly Slater

“Ray is arguably the best water photographer in the country … Waves doing monstrous things in real time are rendered suddenly wonderful under Ray’s lens in ‘Found At Sea’  – Sean Doherty


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