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Iñigo Agote Twin Fins from Deflow

The Deflow Iñigo Agote Twin Fins on a Tombstone from Infinity. Photo: JC

The Inertia

Twin fins, for most surfers, are a bit of an acquired taste. I’ve heard some pretty iconic wave riders tell me that twins just didn’t jive with their mojo, didn’t make them feel fulfilled. I get it. The setup, which in a long-ago era was a standard in performance, can make one feel weird about surfing. They can be slippery in steep waves, they can feel way too stiff in others. But if you come to terms with them somehow, in certain conditions they can feel oh-so-magical under foot.

For some reason, and I’ll say up front I’m a very (very) average surfer, I like the feel of the twin. Probably for this reason: I surf them in crappy waves only, where my preferred move is to build up as much down-the-line speed as possible, then pull my average cutback on the end section. Nothing fancy. Nothing pro level (or even semi pro). It just feels really, really good to use what the wave gives you, not force anything, and work on flow without being insecure about not bashing the lip. Twins are also generally attached to boards that paddle well (unless you’re this guy).

One absolute truth about surfing twins: as many who like the feel know, it’s imperative to find the right fins. And I think I found mine in the Deflow Iñigo Agote Twin. First, a bit about Deflow. The company, headquartered in the Spanish Basque Country, is a purveyor of all that looks fine in surfing. Meaning subtlety is the brand’s style. The website is an exercise in minimalism. Deflow doesn’t put out anything that isn’t beautiful.


To wit, the Deflow Iñigo Agote Twin Fin is very easy on the pupils and we rarely hear of a signature product in our world named for an artist. Iñigo Agote is a Spanish water photographer who helped the brand develop the fin. His photography speaks for itself and apparently, he loves using sunset light for his composition, which inspired the fin’s look.

Deflow used the color of the sun to theme this particular fin. “Starting from deep blue (the ocean) we go all the way to a sunset red color to sunset yellow.” The fiberglass fin is finished with a transparent grain on the back. Needless to say, they look like they could hang on a wall.

But how do they surf, you ask? I used them on one of my favorite boards, a Mini-Simmons-inspired ride called the Tombstone, from Infinity. They feel wonderful together. I’ve tried bigger, keel fins and it’s just too much for me, too stiff with no movement under foot. I’ve also used a smaller pair of regular thruster fins as twins and they’re just slick – too much movement under foot. You feel like you’re riding on ice without any skates. The Deflows are the perfect balance, with a perfect rake and foil combination to make them extremely fast, stiff enough, and slippery (mostly) when you want them to be.

Of course Deflow doesn’t just do twins. They make beautiful single fin, quad, and thruster setups (I love the thrusters too but destroyed a pair on the rough cobblestone of Trestles).

So if twins vibe with every fiber of your being, your being best be lined up with a proper set of fins and Deflow makes a grade-A set that look like pieces of art.



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