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The Inertia

Tosh Tudor comes from solid surfing stock. His dad, of course, is outspoken world champion longboarder Joel, and Tosh is definitely his father’s son when it comes to riding waves. He surfs Pipe as much as he possibly can — which, for a guy like Tosh, is a lot. But, like everyone else (should), he’s got a healthy respect for the place.

He not on the same track as most Pipe surfers, though. He rides a whole variety of different shapes. “My boards,” he says, “will probably be looking different than other peoples’.”

He’s an invitee to the upcoming Vans Pipe Masters, so Vans put together the quick little get-to-know-him clip you see above. He’s not going to be doing end section airs, but it’s pretty likely he’s going to reimagine how the North Shore’s shiniest gem is surfed.


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