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The Inertia

With the Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship just around the bend, the powers that be over at the World Surf League thought it might be nice to give a quick glimpse into how the scoring will work.

Scoring surfing, especially if it’s longboarding, is tricky business. It’s essentially assigning a number value to a whole bunch of things that can’t have number values. But the judges do a pretty bang up job of it, generally scoring each wave with relatively similar numbers, so it all kind of works out. Still, though, since many people don’t really understand how, exactly judging works, those many people are prone to screaming through their fingers angrily bashing them it in emoji-laden comments.

To explain it all, newly-appointed Longboard Head Judge Tory Gilkerson used her years and years of experience to break it all down.

Watch the Cuervo Classic Malibu Longboard Championship Live October 4-5 on


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