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A Look at Who Won The Inertia's Film and Photo Challenge Presented by White Claw

Owen Beim with the winning entry of the Black and White Category presented by White Claw.

The Inertia

Last weekend, at the Traveler Surf Club in Malibu, The Inertia awarded the winners of the 2022 Film and Photo Challenge presented by White Claw. And the talent runs thick. A big congratulations goes out to everyone who entered and many thanks to all the talented photographers and filmmakers who participated. It was a huge success!

With nearly a thousand submissions and so many people sharing great work from around the world, it’s always tough to select just one winner of each category. This contest is a great reminder each year of the depth of talent in our community. You’re all an inspiration. With that said, here’s a quick look at the winners.

Young Owen Beim gets us started with the heat and his Black and White beauty of Eimeo Czermak on a Tahitian bomb (above). “Absolutely pumped to have won the Black and White category,” Beim said. “This shot of Eimeo Czermak is no doubt my favorite shot in black in white and it was truly a moment I won’t forget.”

James Ferrell Emerge Wedge

Blair Conklin, deep in the belly of the beast, as seen through the lens of James Ferrell.

In the Emerge category presented by Miir, a category dedicated to up-and-comers, James Ferrell captured this gorgeous shot of Blair Conklin in deep. The Wedge continues to help develop astounding young talent, and Ferrell is chief among the youthful photogs in residence at the famous mutant wave.

Paul Greene surf photo

This image of a solid winter swell won Paul Greene the Lineups category of The Inertia Film & Photo Challenge presented by White Claw. Photo: Paul Greene

Meanwhile, Paul Greene captured the Lineup category presented by Parkit with a subtle photo of a winter swell in a spot you’ve probably seen before. But Greene brought a completely new feel to the place with this epic shot (above).

In the Short Film category, Tredd Smith took home gold with this gorgeous mini documentary about Alexandre  Carrier, which documented Alexandre’s love of the ocean and connection with the ocean’s apex predator. “Alexandre spends the majority of his time diving, spearfishing, and photographing wildlife,” writes Smith. “During his time on the water, he is continuously implementing environmentally friendly techniques and focused on having as little of a carbon footprint as possible, all while showing people the beauties of the ocean.” It’s well worth the watch.

The Inertia would again like to thank all the contestants and sponsors including White Claw, Miir, and Parkit, as well as the Traveler Surf Club. See you next year!


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