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If there’s one thing we absolutely know about Carissa Moore, it’s that her competitive surfing IQ is off the charts. She doesn’t normally make mental errors. It’s not her thing. She doesn’t let other surfers dictate her actions, her wave choice is often borderline brilliant. And she’s patient. But today, in her semifinal heat against Tatiana-Weston Webb at the Corona Open J-Bay, she made a rare mistake and was called for interference – which cost her the heat and another finals appearance.

“Aw man,” she wrote. “It always happens so fast. Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda done things a little different. I know the rules and Tati is one of the best at playing the game. I’m the hardest on myself so, trust me, I’ve already gone over it a hundred times and will probably go over this moment a few hundred more times, haha. But I’m human and we all make mistakes. It happens. And there is a lesson in there. Overall grateful for a great week!”

Rare indeed. It is worth mentioning that Tatiana sold the interference like a Brazilian soccer star, as you can see her move down the line to make sure the judges could see Carissa was in her line, and, not gonna say the fall was dramatic, but.. Still, it was a smart move from the eventual J-Bay champ. And nice to see that, yes, Carissa is actually human. And she still has a firm hold on the yellow jersey.

You can see the non-Instagram version on the WSL replay at the 3:27:00 mark here.


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