The Inertia

A good single take in movie making is notoriously hard to film. The wildly acclaimed, and just plain wild, six-minute long continuous shot in Children of Men was apparently a total nightmare to block and rehearse, so much so that the famous blood spatter on the lens was actually an accident. Then, there’s movies like 1917, Birdman and Russian Ark that take it to another level by making the entire movie one continuous shot.

“But wait, Birdman and 1917 weren’t actually shot in one take, they cheated!” you might say, to which I would reply, “I didn’t realize The Inertia readership was such big movie nerds (like me),” followed by, “I don’t care, shooting a movie in three takes and hiding it is still very difficult. What are we arguing about, here?”

But back to surfing. Surf Today has humbly presented an offering to add to the pantheon of great single takes. This one’s from Snapper Rocks and, true to form, it has a little bit of everything: barrels, flying groms, questionable butt shots, and some absolute ripping on beautiful waves.


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