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The Inertia

If you’re surfing Snapper, you’re not surfing it alone. It’s wild to think, though, that at some point in the distant past someone has surfed it alone. But these days, unless you’re a regular behind the rock or someone like, say, Joel Parkinson, you’re fighting for each and every wave. Hell, you’re often fighting while you’re on the wave. And the waves in Coolangatta have been decent in recent weeks, to put it mildly, which means that those ever-present crowds were even more crowded… and that leads to a handful of accidental drop ins and blatant burns.

“The last two weeks of good swell brought every surfer to Coolangatta trying to score the wave of their life,” wrote Raw Surfing on YouTube. “Many did and many got burnt by an accidental drop in. But there were a few locals who were just damn intent on taking any wave they wanted, even by force.”


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