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The Inertia

You’ve probably heard by now that John John Florence won the world title again. As hard as the WSL tried to paint it as something else, it was somewhat of a foregone conclusion. The biggest surprise, to many, was that the final didn’t include Gabriel Medina. #Youcanscriptthis.

Anyway, as is generally the case, Hurley prepared a celebratory video for surfing’s crown prince and released it after he won. Of course, on his way to that title, we all watched as Gabriel Medina burned Kelly Slater in the most egregiously legal way. As painful as it was to see one of surfing’s most divisive surfers dropping in on the bald king, it was a fantastic display of competitive drive.

One couldn’t help but wonder how the other surfers on tour may have handled that situation. And lo and behold, Hurley’s short video has an example. Sure, it’s a terrible one because it’s not in an event and is an entirely different situation… but at the 17-second mark, Florence party waves with a longboarder who looks suspiciously like Filipe Toledo.

Also, there’s a bunch of other stuff that happens, but we gotta have an interesting headline, right?


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