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The Inertia

The weekend’s historic Cloudbreak session will go down in history as quite possibly some of the largest Cloudbreak ever ridden. The jury’s still out on that one.

When Chilean hellman Ramón Navarro’s monstrous tow-in made the rounds on Instagram over the weekend, we marvelled. As it happens, that was just an appetizer.

Familiar names that tend not to shy away from purple blobs when they pop up on a swell model all took part in the action – some paddling in, others using jet ski assist.


Oh, and Kelly Slater (who pulled out of Keramas citing injury, remember) turned up, too.

Think the World Surf League is kicking themselves for cutting the OK Fiji Pro this year even if, like 2011, it would have been too big to run the contest? The jury’s still out on that one, too.



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