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The winter swell isn't going to surf itself... Photo: Instagram

The winter swell isn’t going to surf itself… Photo: Instagram

The Inertia

Big wave surfing, like most things in life, is all about preparation. For Ian Walsh this means starting the morning off with a surf, going straight into multiple grueling training sessions with Deep Relief Athletic Training Center on Maui, and then ending the day with yet another surf and a large plate of food.

Check out Ian’s workout below. It’ll have you well prepared for whatever waves you’re chasing, even if you’re not charging the same massive swells he is.

Wake up and work for what you want. In the mix of a six week training camp to geared up for winter. This is what my yesterday looked like.

Surfed for two hours in the morning. Then head to gym.

Mobility Warm Up:
1. Foam roller work for 10 minutes.
2. Walking dynamic stretches.
3. Reverse back extensions with hip abduction, three sets of 10 reps.
4. Back extension progression, three sets with 20, 15, then 10 reps.
5. Foot and ankle progression, four sets of 30 reps.
6. Dragon warm-up, two sets of 10 reps.
7. Walking lunges with DB diagonal push press, three 15-yard sets.
8. Wall starfish, two sets of eight reps.
9. Dynamic flexibility work, five minutes.

Session One:
1. Standing tuck position SL lateral push outs using light band, three sets at 15, 30, and 30 seconds.
2. Standing starfish SL with lateral shoulder raise in weight column, three sets at 30 seconds.
3. Core progression sit-ups, three sets of 10 reps.
4. Hanging leg extensions (in and outs) with MB squeeze, three sets of 12 reps.
5. Walking lunges with heavy DBs, four sets at 15 yards.
6. Straight arm ab crunches into extension SSL, three sets at 30 seconds.
7. Eccentric hanging leg tucks, three sets at 20 seconds.
8. Reverse back extensions, three sets at 20 seconds.
9. Body blade on the bosu ball, three sets at 30 seconds.
10. Light aerobic work on bike to enhance recovery between sessions.

Session Two:
1. Yoga sit-ups, three sets of 10 reps for each side.
2. Side ups with MB extensions, two sets of 10 reps for each side.
3. Lateral leg lifts on wall, three sets of 10 reps for each side.
4. Lateral plank hold, three sets at 30 seconds for each side.
5. Seated Russian twist with reach, three sets of 20 reps.
6. Flexibility stretching to cool down 30 minutes.

Go back out for a second surf, followed by a brisk 35 mile bike ride working on progression 3 Lactate Threshold. Then face down into dinner.

For more information on Ian’s workout, visit Deep Relief Maui and Inspiration Health.


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