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Quando tem altas ondas e você tá sem paciência // When it’s firing and you have no patience 😂 #mood

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Have you heard of the #FerreiraChallenge yet? If not, you aren’t far behind the rest of the world and surfing’s newest viral sensation.

It all started innocently enough, as these things tend to. Italo posted the above short clip on his IG from the North Shore: “When it’s firing and you have no patience.” He furiously scrubs away with the wax, slams it off the deck of his board like a 12-year old in 1995 facing off against a stack of pogs, and runs off screen. And who can’t relate? There’s no time to waste when the waves are pumping, pressure dings be damned.


Well, it caught on.

Not too long after Italo’s post started picking up some steam, the #FerreiraChallenge was dubbed. And ever since, people have been taking videos of themselves doing their best imitations or variations of the maneuver. Furious application of wax. Aggressive slam of said wax. Exit. Italo’s now being tagged in so many Insta stories that he’s started reposting and sharing them. Boom, the #FerreiraChallenge is alive. And according to the man himself, he’s going to be naming a “winner.”

Just be warned. Those hard little balls of wax can fly right back at you with some zip. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye…or dings their board, whichever comes first.



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