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Tia Blanco, vegan and happy. Photo: Instagram @tiablanco

Tia Blanco, vegan and happy. Photo: Instagram @tiablanco

The Inertia

Tia Blanco is on fire. The 2015 ISA Women’s World Junior Silver Medalist is headed for a bright future both in the jersey and in front of the camera (the beauty recently posed for Playboy). She’s also very vocal about her plant-based vegan diet on social media. Despite the protest of skeptics, Tia has firmly defended her ability to stay at the top of her game without the use or consumption of animal products. The 18 year-old has turned to YouTube to share more about her diet, and in one of her most recent videos, she walks through a typical day of meals. I must say, I’m pretty impressed with her skills in the kitchen, and the dishes look phenomenal. Tia starts off with lemon water, makes a delicious smoothie and fruit breakfast, then creates a vibrant lunch salad, and finishes off with vegetable curry for dinner. Watch the video to learn more about Tia’s yummy diet and to catch a glimpse into the life of one of surfing’s up-and-coming talents.


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