The Inertia

Erin Wade has a lot going on. She lives in Oakland, Calif., and when there’s traffic, getting to the beach can take an hour or more. Plus she’s a mom – not to mention the founder of the cool mac-and-cheese-focused restaurant, Homeroom, a new Oaktown staple. Finding a work-play balance has been a challenge. But then she found Traveler Surf Club, where she can store her board, get out for a surf, shower, and get back to work all in one fell swoop.

She says she owes her surfing to traveler. She also has the same values as the unique club: namely inclusivity.

“Business is a lot like surfing,” says Wade. “Surfing is a winner-take-all sport. Whoever has priority gets the wave all to themselves.”

While surfing in an all-female lineup, Erin experienced “collective success,” where every surfer actually took turns, shared stoke, and got waves – not just a select few. This is Erin’s approach to business, too. She’s worked to create change in her little world in hopes that by doing her part, she’ll help instigate a bigger shift.  She hires predominantly women and people of color, pays them well, and creates a safe environment for her employees. Rel and Julie, owners of Traveler Surf Club, are also female entrepreneurs changing their industry. Erin was their very first member at their flagship club in Pacifica, California. “I owe so much of my ability to pursue my passion for surfing to Traveler,” Wade says.


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