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Hurricane Agatha hit Puerto Angel

Hurricane Agatha devastated the communities it hit. Photo: Edwin Morales/GoFundMe

The Inertia

On Monday, May 30, Hurricane Agatha made landfall five miles west of Puerto Angel, a little town about an hour down the road from Puerto Escondido. It battered a long stretch of beaches and fishing towns before losing steam as it ran into the mountains that sit inland. While Puerto Escondido was mostly spared, Puerto Angel and the surrounding communities weren’t so lucky. Greg Long, a man who has Mexico in his heart, started a crowdfunding campaign to help out.

“I have been traveling to Puerto Escondido and surrounding areas for over 20 years,” Long wrote. “I consider it to be a second home and the community within  family.  All money raised will be transferred directly to longtime friend and renowned photographer Edwin Morales.”


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With sustained wind speeds of 105 miles per hour, Agatha was the strongest hurricane on record to hit in May. A week after Agatha, most are still without power. Many of the roads into Puerto Angel are closed or impassable, so food, water, and other basic survival necessities, are, for the most part, being walked in.

By May 31, three people were confirmed dead. Many others were still missing. Reuters reported that two of the victims, Aldis Lopez, 21, and Mario Cruz, 18, were killed in Santa Catarina Xanaguia when they were buried in rocks and mud after a landslide.

Relief efforts are likely to be ongoing for weeks or months to come, and Long and Morales are coordinating with a handful of locals and organizations to purchase and distribute food, water, hygiene products, medication, and building materials.


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