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The Inertia

Discovered in 2003 by a Dutch surfer, The Snake was made most famous by Mick Fanning and YouTube back in 2017. The exact location of this magical wave is still a mystery to most surfers, but the secret spot could actually be threatened by a proposed jetty project. Local fishermen want to build wave breakers to protect the coast from the erosion and the sea level rise.

I talked with the local fishermen who told me there is a serious erosion problem in this region. Sea level rise and big waves have completely destroyed houses, roads, and even a school, but that’s not the only serious threat to the area and the wave. The local government has launched a harbor project and oil reserves have been found not too far offshore. An investment firm is reportedly ready to offer capital for the construction of this harbor complex, which would include dry-dock and an oil reserve base to carry the equipment needed.


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